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Mentoring with Toni Hansen:
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One Week Online Trading Seminar -
Everything you need to know to reach that next level in your trading career!

Next session:
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Cost: $995
Online in a private TFMS chatroom with live logs.
Skill level: Beginner to breakeven index and stock traders.

Focus Topics:
- Risk management and reduction
- Pattern recognition and refinement
- Understanding trend development & market reversals
- Combining multiple time frames
- Utilizing a trading journal

For more information see the course description below. You can also
CLICK HERE for a complete syllabus of this month's class.

"... Your class quickly progressed to the most intense amount of information on the building blocks of successful trading I have ever come across... Sincerely,Chris Sauer"

For a sample of my teaching style, check out my recent article in the February, 2006 issue of SFO Magazine. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

Dear Trader,

I am now offering my all-inclusive online trading seminar live in our new voice chatroom on Hotcomm. This unique platform allows me to show you my charts live and provide you with the best market education possible on the internet! It's like sitting at my computer with me as I teach you how I trade! Join me for my most informative mentoring course to date!

All my best,

Toni Hansen


Online Trading 101 with Toni Hansen

Toni Hansen is President and Co-founder of the Bastiat Group, Inc., and runs the popular Trading From Main Street ( A leader in online market education, Toni has been trading and educating new traders, money managers, professional market analysts and traders, as well as those simply wishing to hone their market skills, throughout the boom and bust of the last decade with strategies that adjust to changing markets. Toni began her trading career as an equities swing trader and has since expanded to position trading and investing on one end to Day Trading eMini futures on the other.

Dear Trader,

Every trading day, many of you receive my Focus Letter review of the prior trading day's action and commentary and every once in awhile I'll get an email along the lines of "You're commentary is wonderful and it's great seeing what you were looking at intraday, but how do I do that before the patterns setup?" 

Even for those in our live trading room who follow my commentary throughout the day, it can be baffling as to why I am expecting certain events to occur and may seem like I have some magic crystal ball to allow me to predict market reversal and corrections essentially down to the minute.

Well, I don't, and it's not miraculous. It's not something that anyone given enough time and money couldn't figure out for themselves if they really apply themselves to it.

But let's face it, how many people really have time to sit all day for 8-15 hours a day, nearly every single day for at least half a decade to reach that point?
For me it was a challenge that I just fell in love with. I enjoy puzzles immensely and the market was one puzzle I desired to crack. It would have been nice to have had a bit of a cheat book though! While I still learn new things every single day with regard to the market, and probably always will, there were a great number of steps that, had I known about them, would have dramatically cut my learning time down to at least 1/2 to 1/4 of what it took to get to where I am today.

I would like to offer you that opportunity. On a "by demand" basis, I am holding an intensive one week session on trading stocks and the indices. The session is aimed at index traders who have less than 2 years experience or who are struggling to make it past the breakeven stage of trading, although many advanced techniques will also be discussed..

Just a few of the topics and skills covered in my Online Trading 101 course are:

  • Extensive training on the core market patterns guaranteed to work under any market conditions. These are setups I have traded successfully through both bull and bear markets, as well as range bound markets.

  • Skills on how to identify which patterns work best in each type of market and how to predict market environments ahead of time.

  • Risk management techniques designed to keep you in the game, as well as techniques to lower your risk.

  • Recognizing and utilizing market reversal time zones and patterns.

  • Combining multiple time frames to best minimize risk and maximize your rewards.

  • Timing and trading market reversals.

  • Utilizing a trading journal. I have found that while many traders keep journals of their trades, very few actually keep journals that are useful in refining their trading skills. I devote one of our intraday classes to this subject and throughout the course come back to this topic as one of the most important tools any trader will have.
Each course is taught in an intimate group setting to allow for personal one on one attention, so space is limited. While private mentoring courses of this caliber are commonly sold for $3,000-$5000, this week long mentoring program is being offered now for only $995.  

The following are just a few of the excerpts from participants in this course:

Feb. 9, 2005

In the spring of 2004 I had been paper trading day trading strategies for about 4 months after casually swing trading for a few years. I decided to check out a bunch of chat room services since I was having poor results from a couple of strategies I learned from some books. I kept a record of my trading experiences at these rooms. I finally went with another chat room and learned about position sizing among other things, from someone who actually was trained by Toni. I wasn't impressed with this service after a while and realized that the Trading From Main Street chat room had a good performance record if I had been position sizing correctly. So after a disastrous experience trading futures before I had any skills, I signed up for their room, determined to learn something about trading correctly.

After 3 months I had my first profitable month after commissions, but then fell back into the hole of losses as usual. I was very discouraged and I definitely thought I was missing some important pieces in the skill set I had as a trader. Regularly Toni would mention important support and resistance pivot points in the indexes with perfect accuracy. I wanted to learn how to do this. At this point I had the opportunity to do the week mentoring class with Toni. It was a small group of traders ranging from beginners to traders with some success but who had recently come upon a losing streak, and good traders who had decided to further their training. It started with the basics which alone would have been great as I had spent a few years figuring this stuff out on my own.

The week class quickly progressed to the most intense amount of information on the building blocks of successful trading I have ever come across. This information was much more important than I imagined and affirmed my belief that Trading From Main Street is a unique service in general. Some of the information she presented in this mentoring class I have never seen before and I have read a ton of books and worked with a mentor before. I have been putting this training to good use. It came at the perfect time. Her mentoring course has made a direct impact on my trading abilities. Besides the excellent week course, I must say Toni is willing to put in a lot of extra time with me, far beyond my expectations. If you are very skeptical like me, you owe it yourself to spend one week with this excellent teacher. Directly opposite to my previous experiences with mentors, I actually feel like I got away with something by receiving both basic and advanced training for the cost of what most places would charge for their introductory one day seminar.

Chris Sauer

" Hi Toni! I just want to thank you for you efforts in the mentoring session last month. You provided a wealth of information that I'm still digesting and, I'm sure, will be for months to come. Your presentation of the multiple time frames and the inter-relation between the indexes has me thinking a lot differently about support and resistance and all the pro's and cons to consider when entering a trade. It was a wonderful experience and you are truly a gifted and caring instructor....
Sincerely, Tom G.

Toni, Thank you for the terrific mentoring program. It's was what I was looking for -- to hear you "thinking out loud". You put a great deal of effort into the program in your presentations, market tracking and follow ups. The information you provided was great and contained a lot of fine detail that I had not heard before. I now have a lot of work in front of me to digest it all so it becomes intuitive... Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate it."
Al F.

I look forward to your participation! If you have any questions just email me at If you are a member of our live Trading Room, you are also welcome to private message me intraday.

Toni Hansen
Trading From Main Street

To enroll in the online mentoring program with Toni Hansen for only $995 please click on this link:

If you experience any difficulties enrolling in this course,
please contact Toni directly at


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your suitability. The discussions provided by Trading From Main Street are for educational purposes only and should not be taken
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